Friday, 11 March 2011

Wk 3 Assignment

Third week into my four week course and we were giving four words each with which to do what we will and create a photoshoot.
My words were : Eclectic, Nostalgia, Sweet, Sofa (I cheated a little and went with a chair for logistical reasons)
Luckily my sister agreed to model for me, so I picked the location, and got to work. Here are the fruits of our labour. There has been minimum photoshopping due to my (temporary) limited knowledge. Next week we cover Photoshop in the course.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

3 weeks into my course already!

Yikes - where did the time go??
I am 3 weeks into my course and I am really enjoying it. The other girls doing it are very supportive and the teachers are great.

Here are a few of my photos along the way.


Can't wait until week 4 where we have a play around with photoshop. I am posting mainly SOOC (straight out of camera for those who like me until 3 days ago didn't know what that stood for) so that I start with a blank canvas. Couldn't help having a tinker with one of Clare's photos today though. Her face is a bit yellow whatever I have done but I still like it. Alot.

And Damian is even getting me a new lens for my birthday. Can. Not. Wait. :)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A new blog, as I can't remember what my old one is called.......

Oh I started a blog a while ago, but couldn't even remember what I'd called it!
I'm not completely ok with telling the world what I'm thinking. Or maybe I'm ok with telling the whole world, as long as nobody knows me personally...... So if you know me personally .... don't let on you've been reading this......

Recently I realised that a cross-stitch that was on my family wall for as long as I can remember, actually had a profound effect on how I viewed life, and people. It must have entered my subconscious. Although I think it has held me in good stead over the years, it does have its drawbacks in actually forming friendships and the like. It goes a little something like this :

Whats in your mind let no-one know,
Nor to your friends your secrets show,
For if your friend should prove your foe,
Then all the world your secrets know.

So there you go! I don't like sharing my innermost thoughts when anyone. Not even my husband really, although I'm getting better at sharing after (almost) 6 years of marriage. But I'm starting a few projects and wanting to share. I get lots of information and inspiration from others' blogs and this is payback time I suppose!

I'm starting a photography course here at next week and I wanted to chart my progress and share.  So there you have it - lets hope I remember what this blog is called.......