Friday, 15 February 2013

Argh - another month gone already! I'm so not getting the hang of this blogging. I have total respect for those of you bloggers who manage a couple of posts a week. One such talent is Judith over on JustJude. I know when I go to her blog she will have a new interesting post showing her beautiful work and I'll think, I wish I could sew like her!

Anyway. FabricYard have linked up with Judith to do a giveaway. 10 fat quarters of Heather Ross' Nursery Versery Range. To enter, just like FabricYard on Facebook, Twitter, or register on the website. Then just add a comment onto Judith's post here

Such a pleasure to work with you Judith!
Good luck to those of who entering xx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Luckily I managed to get a post in before it was 2months of inactivity on the blog. Phew. That would have been lame......

I have been doing some actual sewing in December, not alot, but alot for me at my current rate!

First up is a mother daughter collaboration. First time for everything. My Mum is a great knitter. Speedy, very speedy. In fact very very speedy. A quick poke of her index finger and she has a stitch knitted. I've tried to replicate but I'm light years away from her speed. I lack the patience for knitting I think.

I asked her to knit S a cardigan for her birthday and I decided to line it so it would be lovely and warm. I just got Mum to give me each knitted piece before it was sewn up and I cut the fabric (Heather Ross' Countrymice) approx 1/2" extra larger than the knit piece, then sew'd it up and stitched it into the finished cardigan. Not convinced it will stand up to the abuse it is liable to suffer, but it is lovely and warm.

I covered the buttons with the mice fabric and the mice fitted pretty well into the button front.

So - S is getting plenty of wear and it has kept her cosy in these cold cold days.

Secondly, Santa came to our house and he was able to stuff lots into our new stockings! Lovely wee project and I used this great tutorial using this fabric.

Few other wee projects which I will blog about at some stage. Not sure whats next on the list here!