Monday, 22 October 2012

Lucy Loves Ya Giveaway

Today LucyLovesYa and FabricYard have teamed up for a giveaway.
Follow this link to Lucy's blog for details on how to enter for a chance to win this tidy little bundle

Theres Alexander Henry (Wranglers, Ghastlie Gallery, African Butterfly and Buddha), Kokka (Mushrooms, Owls on Trees, Green Apple, Red Deer and Little red riding hood) and a FQ of Michael Miller's Dandy Damask thrown in for good measure. Theres also a set of self cover buttons including instructions and a tool to make your own buttons in whatever fabric you fancy!

Lucy has a great blog with all kinds of makery and interesting interviews that is definitely worth a little looksy. Good luck!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bamboo handle handbag

The girls are at Grannys. I'm having a quiet afternoon, called into the bakery for a piece of carrot cake, made a cup of tea and put on my new cd. City & Colour - Bring me your love. Its not a new cd to them, as in it came out in 2008 but came across this song on youtube and got the cd for £3 on amazon. Thats just me, I'm years behind everyone else when it comes to music.

I found another photo of a 'make' and thought I would post it so you can see I make things other than girls dresses! I made this a while back using a pattern from MollieMakes Magazine. It was quick and easy, and has really managed to last the pace in this house (its current use is for the girls irish dancing shoes).

It uses Melody Miller's 'Happy Kitchen Mint' from her original Ruby Star Rising range. I'm now sold out of this (although I think I have a small cut lurking somewhere, I'm a little bit reluctant to let go of it though if truth be known.) The handles were some that my Mum had got free in a magazine, they are 'D' shaped. This was obviously before I started stocking them in the shop...... Circular handles would have worked better but these are fine.

Here is a tutorial from 'Little Birdie Secrets' blog which can use up any bamboo handles you might have floating about the place.

Oh - and speaking of Melody Miller's Happy Kitchen Mint, I splashed out on this a while back. A gelaskin for my laptop. I know Melody has some new designs up on the gelaskin website now if anyone fancies having a looksie at them!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine

Another blog post! Wow thats 3 in 3 days - I'm going crazy here

Came across this photo - its the John Lewis sewing machine my 6year old got for her birthday in September. Its a great job. We customised it for her as she couldn't decide between the lovely colours available at John Lewis or the Hello Kitty one at so in the end we got the pink from John Lewis and added some stickers ourselves.

She is getting good fun out of it, it seems fairly safe although at the minute she is sewing whilst on my knee. I bought a finger guard from ebay and attached it but I think it probably doesn't need it anyway as the needle area is well protected by the foot. Great wee machine for the price in my opinion. Only thing missing is a light, but I have a angle lamp which can compensate.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Some project photos......

I'm still trying to figure out this blog stuff - starting to look around at other blogs and especially those that are going to the Fat Quarterly retreat next July. I still don't understand how you keep up to date with what is going on in other people's blogs so please excuse my ignorance....

Thought I'd post a little photo of some of my past projects.

I love me a good ole bandana bib!
Love this Bucky the Cowboy fabric

 Oh and here it is on a live one

 Some flower girl dresses I made-they're the same dresses but I made different sashes for each wedding (insert lazy icon!)

Some sun dresses from away back

Snapshot from my sewing space about a year ago - again with girls dresses..... sorry I promise I do make other things as well! I  just never photograph them. It seems......
This was something we had to do for a photography project in order to help define our style and what interests us, I don't normally take photos of random spaces in my house!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Update - finally!

Oooh - it was about time this little blog was updated!
Plenty has happened since last March. No wait, not last March. It was 2 Marches ago!  including a new cutiepie little baby who has been added to the fold!

Our own little Sadie Lady xx

Almost a year old now - where has the time gone!

FabricYard has been going from strength to strength as well. We're going great guns with our Alexander Henry and Kokka fabrics. Going to be bringing in even more Michael Miller soon as well.

All I need is a few extra hours in the day and I might actually get some sewing down as well.......
Right. Now I just have to repeat to myself. MUST. UPDATE. BLOG. MORE. OFTEN........