Saturday, 10 November 2012

FabricYard @ Hope & Gloria

I'm very excited to be working with Hope & Gloria. Hope & Gloria is a non-profit fashion / beauty / homeware emporium in Coleraine which opened within the last year. The ladies involved are really very clever. I implore you to take a bit of time to look at what they do and if you live in the vicinity, it is definitely worth a visit.

They have recently opened a sewing room (called The Attic) where they run classes in both sewing and crochet and have kindly let me show my samples. You can view FabricYard samples and buy them from the Hope & Gloria store.

They created new window displays this week to promote The Attic and I just love what they have done with my fabrics. Clever, clever, clever. Thats all I can say.

You can find both Hope & Gloria and The Attic on Facebook

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Phone Cover

Happy birthday to my Dad who is 75 today!

I got him a very boring boot liner for his car, and last night I made him a phone cover. I never seen the point in phone covers, they are a bit fiddly for my liking. I just like to lift my phone when it rings and answer it! But my Dad does use a wee dust cover bag with a drawstring for his when its in his pocket so I thought he might give this new one a go.

I checked out a couple of tutorials online but it was 10o'c at night and they made my head hurt a little so I took the general jist and gave it a whirl.

Ta Daa! Here is the finished item

I had a few problems making it. The seams are a bit bulky. I used a fleece on the inside and I'm sure I could have avoided the bulky seams but haven't worked out how yet! I used the embroidery option on my Janome for the tab and embroidered onto herringbone tape. Also, the velcro on the inside is a little wonky but at that stage I couldn't go through unpicking the whole thing to sort it out!

In fact, looking at the photo here it is embarrassingly wonky! Ah well. I fully intend to make him a new one at some stage which will be better.

I used the Alexander Henry Spotted Owls in Smoke from the shop. Its very hard to pick out a  'Dad' fabric but I think this works ok. 

Here are a few good tutorials that might be useful if you decide to make one yourself. If I can rework this one well enough I'll maybe try and do a tutorial for it myself.

Hopefully his phone will fit, as I didn't actually measure it....