Wednesday, 17 October 2012

John Lewis Mini Sewing Machine

Another blog post! Wow thats 3 in 3 days - I'm going crazy here

Came across this photo - its the John Lewis sewing machine my 6year old got for her birthday in September. Its a great job. We customised it for her as she couldn't decide between the lovely colours available at John Lewis or the Hello Kitty one at so in the end we got the pink from John Lewis and added some stickers ourselves.

She is getting good fun out of it, it seems fairly safe although at the minute she is sewing whilst on my knee. I bought a finger guard from ebay and attached it but I think it probably doesn't need it anyway as the needle area is well protected by the foot. Great wee machine for the price in my opinion. Only thing missing is a light, but I have a angle lamp which can compensate.


  1. Hello Alice - Sarah from Sew Me here. Tracked back to let you know that I cannot reply yo your post on my blog as you seem to be a no-reply blogger. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Good to see you are starting another generation on the slippery slope to sewing addiction!

    1. Thanks Sarah - I read about no-reply bloggers and thought I wasn't one of them. I see I am now! doh. I think I'm sorted now. Thanks for taking the time to track me :)

  2. This is so cute Alice, I'll have to get Paige one!!

  3. I tell you what Grace, its a handy wee spare to have. It really lightweight too for carrying about. Paige would love it - haven't let Annie loose on it by herself yet......